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Journey North: Beyond Manhattan’s Easter Island

November 13, 2009

On a long walk north on a gray day, Esau and I see an amazing group of stone sculptures down by the river. The sculptor carefully, skillfully, balanced rocks of all shapes and sizes to create this community of shapes:


Easter Island on the Hudson


Stones contemplate the Hudson.


Balancing act

Strange and magical.

Further along, we pass a man standing on a flat stone, moving slowly in a prayerful manner:


We see driftwood sculptures:


and a tepee, much like the mysterious park tepees of several weeks ago


Esau sits by tepee and gazes at the Hudson.

At the Harlem Piers, we walk out onto the river.  We look east to the Heights:


Seagull flying past Riverside Church

We look south along the coastline:


Downtown in the distance

We look north towards Canada:


George Washington Bridge

Leaving the river behind, we push north up 12th Avenue, where we find a big dog guarding a restaurant at 135th Street in the shadow of the viaduct:


Big Dog/Little Dog

We climb the huge stone steps that lead to the viaduct, and head for home.

Esau on the Move

Esau on the move

The trip south is for another post.

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