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NYC’s Morningside Heights In Hurricane Sandy’s First Hours

October 29, 2012

The streets were oddly quiet this morning. No buses belched along Broadway and no subways rattled below. The pavement was wet, but no rain fell. The wind gusted intermittently.  I went out for a short walk a couple of hours ago, my first time out since I had foot surgery on Thursday.

The light was strangely dimmed, the air was misty, and dog walkers, knowing what is in store later in the day, were out in force.

Riverside Park is officially closed, but a little bit of tape didn’t stop anyone.

Well, it stopped me.  I longed to go down to get a good look at the Hudson while it was still possible, but I had gone as far as I could manage, lurching along like Quasimodo with my surgical shoe and cane.

Glimpses of New Jersey across the river.

Runners, walkers, curiosity seekers, all were out and in good cheer.

Runners needed to run.

Runners also needed to stretch.

Lookers needed to look.

And walkers needed to walk.

Riverside Drive was empty of cars.

A few shops and restaurants had taped their plate glass windows.

Like most local businesses, the great Manchester Diner had closed for the storm.

“Thank you and stay safe!!”

But O’Connell’s Pub was ready to receive with the door flung wide.

As I write now at 1:15 PM, the rain has begun and gusts continue to pick up. We hear that water has already breached its walls in parts of Battery Park and the Gowanus Canal is flooding.

More updates will follow. Meanwhile, stay safe.

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