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Blog Carnivals and Festivals

April 2, 2010

“Out walking the dog” is participating in several blog carnivals this week.

The post, Feeding Wild Animals: Squirrel Man Calls to his Friends is part of “I and the Bird #122”.

(“I and the Bird” takes its name from a poem by Eleanor Vere Boyle, a nineteenth-century British poet and illustrator:

“A tiny wren was among the Chrysanthemums this morning,
noiselessly flitting in and out, like a little shade;
evidently in a state of the highest enjoyment.
No doubt I and the bird both took our pleasure with them in different ways!”)

The recent post, Mastodons in Manhattan, is part of both  “Carnival of Evolution #22,” and “Festival of the Trees #46“.  Many of the posts in “Carnival of Evolution” have a scientific bent, as you might expect from the title. This edition of “Festival of the Trees”, on the other hand, focuses on humorous pieces.

Visit the carnivals and enjoy the rides.

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