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It’s Freaking Snowing in NYC, People!

November 7, 2012

It’s freaking snowing in NYC.

Snowing! It’s November 7th, for heaven’s sake. The day after Election Day. Can’t we have a day or two to enjoy the results of the election without worrying about another storm? People in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New Jersey are still without power from Hurricane Sandy. They’re cold. Their houses are destroyed. They need a break.

And this is the second year in a row that we’re having snow way before we should have snow. Look at last October 29th.

And this is 30 minutes ago:

What the …?

It’s dark already, now, so I can’t take any more pictures. Here’s what November 7th, 2011 looked like.

A lovely day.

A woman and a dog enjoyed the river view at 125th Street.

An Occupy Wall Street march proceeded up Broadway.

And all around town were broken trees from the previous week’s bizarre snowstorm.

Downed branches.

Piles of logs.

Heavy wet snow, wind and trees still in leaf make for a bad combination.  Snow accumulates on the leaves, and the weight brings the branches down.

Trees were leafed out last year.

And they are leafed out this year, as you can see in this picture from last weekend of volunteers cleaning up Hurricane Sandy’s mess.

Today, it’s snowing! See that white stuff on the cars and the playground flooring? You know what that is?

Yeah. It’s freaking snow. What the hell, people?  I know not every weird weather event can be attributed to climate change. I mean, of course not. But can I just say how relieved I am that Barack Obama won the election.

But did I mention that it’s freaking snowing?!

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