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After the Storm on the Upper West Side

August 28, 2011

Earlier this morning, Hurricane Irene’s rain stopped and the streets appeared quiet.

The wind seemed light. So after waiting and watching for a while, listening to news reports and feeling pretty sure that this was not the eye of the storm, Esau and I ventured outside.  Because when a dog’s gotta go, a dog’s gotta go.

On our street, we saw plenty of leaves on the sidewalk

and downed twigs

as well as small branches

The land-grabbing eternal puddle on the corner of 108th Street and Broadway had expanded its empire, but not more than after the usual rainstorm

As we headed toward Riverside Drive away from the protection of buildings, we could feel the wind off the Hudson. We knew there had been flooding on the Cherry Walk earlier.

But all we saw was puddles

Okay, they were big puddles.  Some seemed to transform Riverside Park into a mangrove swamp

and others created miniature lakes on once-grassy expanses

But it was nothing we haven’t seen before.  Dogs and their humans were out in force.

On the way back, we saw that clean-up had begun.

As I write, the sun is trying to break through the thick white sky, and the cat is pigeon-hunting on the window sill. We’re lucky here on the upper west side, and we know it.  We hope our fellow New Yorkers who slept in the shelters last night can go home soon. And we’re thinking of everyone, up and down the east coast, who took the brunt of this storm.

Check back soon for an update on Morningside Park in the aftermath of Irene.

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