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Swans on Long Island

December 5, 2011

Mecox Bay

On Mecox Bay, on the eastern shore of Long Island, some swans are year-round residents.  In early September, this family, consisting of an adult pair and two cygnets, swam the bay together,

and dipped for seaweed and small creatures

Large flocks of adult swans had gathered on the bay.

By the end of November, the flocks were gone, and the bay belonged to the few resident families.

Parent and child

Swans often mate for life, and each year’s cygnets stay with their parents throughout their first winter. ¬†Famous as Hans Christian Andersson’s ‘ugly duckling,” the cygnets are a drab brownish gray.

I find cygnets beautiful.

But then, I like a gray animal

This cygnet and its sibling continue to spend their days swimming the bay,

and eating seaweed,

while Canada geese fly overhead.

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