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Meet the Trees of Riverside Park

November 10, 2009

I don’t know trees. From my years in Texas, I can recognize a magnolia and a crape myrtle. I know a maple only from its leaves, a weeping willow from its droop, and cherries when they’re in bloom. That’s about it. But identifying trees in Riverside Park just got easier.

Meet Chris from the NYC Parks Department. ChriswithBlackCherry

Chris was recently spotted on the upper path, driving a green golf cart-like vehicle packed with stepladder, hammer, nails and neatly stacked piles of green metal name tags. Accompanying her were two gentlemen from the Riverside Park Fund, armed with tree identification books. The trio graciously explained that they’re creating a tree trail up to 116th Street.

Here’s Chris tagging a black cherry.ChrisPutsUpTag

Here’s the tag:

And now … meet the trees, proudly sporting brand-new name tags.


Black Cherry

Norway Maple

Norway Maple


Thanks, Chris.

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