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Visit to Central Park’s Conservatory Garden

May 14, 2011

Green was the color of a recent bike ride across Central Park to Fifth Avenue.

Glory be to green

Our destination was the Conservatory Garden at Fifth Avenue and 105th Street, the only large-scale formal garden in Central Park.  It features three distinct landscaped areas, each reflecting a different style of landscaping.

The center area is Italian. An expanse of green lawn stretches to a circular fountain

Sun and shade in the Italian garden

Stone staircases lead up to a magical wisteria-draped secluded area.

Shades of green

The Italian garden is flanked on either side by a gorgeous allee of crab apple trees; the branches intertwine to make a living roof that creates perfect sun-dappled shade in which to read or simply commune with nature.

One of the best reading spots in all New York

On Tuesday, just enough blossoms remained on the branches to create gentle pink-and-white snowfalls whenever the breeze stirred the trees. Robins, blue jays and a pair of bold cardinals fluttered back and forth, showing off their colors.

Natural beauties: male cardinal and androgynous robin

The female cardinal, although not as flamboyant, is equally stunning.

Female cardinal flutters a wing

To the south of the lawn is the French garden and to the north is the English,

filled with tulips


overhung with lilacs and their delicious scent


and centered by a Frances Hodgson Burnett-inspired fountain.

Cavorting figures

 As we left, the male cardinal watched over his little world from atop an old-fashioned lamppost.

The red and the black

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