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Occupy Wall Street in Pictures, Part One

October 21, 2011

Earlier this week, on a long lunch break from jury duty, I strolled south to take a look at Occupy Wall Street headquarters in Zuccotti Park.  The tiny square was bustling with occupiers, curious on-lookers and press, and the over-all atmosphere was calm and friendly.

The square has been divided into distinct areas, each with its own function.

Librarians handed out books in the people’s library.

Is this a clothing distribution area?

Posters and T-shirts were being printed at a little manufacturing center with two silk screens.

Food servers took a break from preparing lunch to chat.

In the center of the square, the Working Group Schedule laid out the week.

At the medical tent, a worker unloaded supplies.

Nothing much seemed to be happening at the Arts and Culture center.

But really, arts and culture were all around.

And everywhere, people were talking.

They talked on the sidewalk,

and they talked in a sukkah.

Not everyone was working or talking.  A white dog and its owner caught some z’s, each sound asleep in its own blanket and bedroll.

Some were playing with their dogs.

Some played chess.

One woman knitted,

and, of course, many people sat with home-made signs.

And then it was back to jury duty, feeling proud of my fellow citizens.

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