The Dog’s in the News

December 18, 2011: West Side Rag: I have not been keeping up this page of news mentions, but this terrific recent article in my neighborhood paper certainly merits inclusion: Nature Emerges, Brutal and Unsentimental

July 4: New York TimesA Dog Walked Into a Blog (a profile of Out Walking the Dog, published in the Sunday Metropolitan section as well as online)

June 18: New York TimesEnd Times, Perhaps, for Late-Night Annoyances.

May 29: Columbia SpectatorReal Life Pigeon Man in Morningside Heghts.

May 28: West Side Independent: Meet Victor, the Upper West Side’s Pigeon-Keeper.

April 30: West Side Independent: Rabies Update: More than 100 Rabid Raccoons Found; At Least 233 Vaccinated.

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April 12:  New York Times: A Stroll Through the City of Numbers.

March 30:  New York TimesWhat a Zoo.

March 23:  West Side Independent: The Casualties of Spring.

March 22:  My Upper West: Wild in Manhattan: It’s Spring.

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