The Dog Song

Out Walking the Dog has a theme song!  Who knew?

Thank you to a loyal reader for suggesting Nellie McKay’s “The Dog Song.” Here it is.  So crank up the volume and listen up.  Then, if you possibly can, find yourself a dog and go for a walk on this sparkling autumn Friday in New York City.

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5 Comments on “The Dog Song”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Great post. Very catchy tune. Thanks though, now it is stuck in my head and I can’t stop humming the tune.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Love this – gonna sing it when I’m out walking my dogs (that’s right – two – big labs) and think about you and Esau enjoying the park in NYC – good that you have that to enjoy – we are so lucky here, we have wide open spaces, but the boyz still chase the same things as your boy – squirrels, raccoons, birds – oh and the occasional coyote.. keep singin’

  3. p hoey Says:

    Just keep on truckin’ while yer walkin’ yer dog! walkin’ yer dog! yeh, yeh,
    Wa-halkin’ Yer dog…

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