Halloween Walk in Morningside Heights

On Halloween morning, Canada geese and pigeons grazed the ball fields like a mixed herd of small ruminants on the Great Plains.

Sparrows were almost hidden in the brown grass.

Snow from the freak weekend snowstorm lingered on the little island across the pond,

while turtles basked on the northern bank – the day after a storm storm!

An amorous mallard pair courted, perhaps mistaking Halloween for Valentine’s Day.

Although I haven’t spotted Morningside’s small pack of feral cats in quite some time, I did see one beautiful, well-dressed, and mostly tame kitten. (You can’t see her ears very well in this photo, but check out that beautiful, homemade tail.)

At the base of the 114th Street stairs, Esau posed with the park’s resident faun and bear.

I’ve always imagined the bear was stalking the faun, but Ephemeral New York, a blog I love, calls the statue “tender … sweet and magical.”  I’ll be taking another look.

A pair of abandoned pants waited patiently for their owner.

Back on the street, a mid-sized devil helped himself to a friend’s take-out food.

Then the young devil headed into the corner store, affectionately known as Crack Deli (don’t ask).

Oh, I do love New York.

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6 Comments on “Halloween Walk in Morningside Heights”

  1. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    You notice things no one else sees.

  2. Charlotte Says:

    Crack Deli? that’s priceless….

    Gentle spin around the block, taking in the ‘hood. Thanks. (I hear it’s gotten cold!)

  3. Wild_Bill Says:

    Another world than the one I live in, but no less stimulating. You sure do bring to light the interesting parts of urban life!

  4. Barbara Says:

    What a great morning walk – such fun – makes me smile…thanks for a great way to start the day!

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