NYC September Beauty: Who Needs … ?

All week, day after day, the city has sparkled under high blue skies. Today in Riverside Park, New Yorkers seemed to be asking who needs anything else, when you have this, this sun, this light, this beauty, this life?

Who needs the beach when you have Riverside Drive?

"Who needs the beach?"

“Who needs the beach?”

Who needs trendy yogurt shops when you have an ice-cream cart?

Who needs trendy ice cream shops?

“Who needs trendy ice cream shops?”

Who needs a private garden to tend when you have a park?

Who needs a private garden?

“Who needs a private garden?”

Who needs the library?

Who needs the library?

“Who needs the library?”

Who needs a bed to make?

Who needs a bed?

“Who needs beds?”

Who needs yoga class?

Who needs yoga class?

“Who needs yoga class?”

Who needs clothes?

Who needs clothes?

“Who needs clothes?”

Who needs a photography studio?


“Who needs a studio?”

Even Esau wants to know: Who needs guard dogs?

Who needs guard dogs?

“Who needs guard dogs?”

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7 Comments on “NYC September Beauty: Who Needs … ?”

  1. Sally Says:

    Wonderful! :-)

  2. McPhilly Says:

    Fabulous … the city in its quiet September glory
    (the beach wasn’t too bad either;) but living close to it, it made sense to take advantage.)

  3. Charlotte Says:

    who needs outwalkingthedog, we do!

  4. p hoey Says:

    A lovely ode to Riverside Park! Thank you, Melissa.

  5. Hmm, an Indian summer?? Sounds idyllic :)

  6. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    now I’m gonna go outside because of you

  7. lisaakramer Says:

    I needed this post. Thanks for that.

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