And it’s snowing! Again.

Down in the playground beneath my window, birds gather in the snow to peck and fuss.

So we begin March as we finished February – cold and snowy.


New York has just finished the coldest February in 80 years, and the third coldest on record.


I’ve become fascinated with ice on the Hudson River.


I especially love to watch the tide come in, and see the river flow north toward the great interior. Here is ice flowing north.

It’s easy to forget we live in an estuary, and our mighty river is tidal.


The waterways are filled with ice, ice, and more ice. A beautiful bird’s eye view from an NBC helicopter takes you down the Hudson River to New York Harbor and around the tip of the island to the East River. (It’s well worth waiting for the ad to finish.)

Later today, or tomorrow, I’ll check on my friendly neighborhood behemoth and its sidekick.


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8 Comments on “And it’s snowing! Again.”

  1. Lovely photo of a mourning dove. The birds have the most beautiful soft and elegant colors.

  2. khittel Says:

    Thanks as always for your wonderful photos. Walking across 106th late this afternoon, I noticed that your “behemoth” now has another sidekick — a boy, I think…

  3. Barbara Says:

    Melissa – your photographs and videos are beautiful – loved seeing the ice flow in the river – that was spectacular, and the little birds – great fun to watch as they would huddle together then one little bird would leave and go to the other huddle of bigger birds and then one of them would go to the smaller birds and on it went… fun – we too here in southern Ontario have had the coldest Feb on record in a gazillion years… ugh! and today thought is March – the winds are high and blowing snow in off frozen Rice Lake where snowmobilers love to play in winter… my neighbours instead have shoveled off a skating rink – for their son and neighbours to enjoy! So despite the cold there is lots of fun to be had… and tons of birds to watch – here’ to a warmer March!

    • Thanks, Barbara! I’m glad you enjoyed the mixed flock of birds – i love watching their interactions, and movements. I can hardly imagine how cold it must be up where you are – I hope you start to see signs of spring soon.

  4. Extraordinary footage here! From my warm Southern Hemisphere vantage this looks really radical . Hope you’re coping okay!

    • I just heard it was 108 degrees Fahrenheit in Cape Town today! We’re coping just fine here with the cold, but how are you doing in all that heat? Actually it was mild today – well above freezing – and all kinds of wetness fell from the sky – snow, a sharp sleet that felt like little needles, rain, and (the worst) SLUSH. But spring is on its way.

      • Love the descriptive terminlogy for the ‘all kinds of wetness falling from the sky’! Glad it’s warming up to ‘mild’ with spring on the way! The high temperatures in CT have had devastating effect – tinderbox dry vegetation, galeforce winds and the worst wildfires in years.

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