Snow Beings Appear in Riverside Park

It’s snowing! And snowing and snowing and …

A community of Snow Beings is born

Check back later for more from the Big Snow.

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6 Comments on “Snow Beings Appear in Riverside Park”

  1. angel Says:

    thanks to your snowy pics I am in peace again with snow. I am recovering from arm and leg injuries while skiing….thought would never like it again…

  2. katrinka Says:

    GLORIOUS SNOW and the creatures it generates! I just met a lovely big snowman slouching on a park bench, one arm crooked on the back of the bench, gazing across the Central Park Great Lawn at dozens of his brothers and sisters. A whole community! And some very artistic ones behind the Met.

  3. pat hoey Says:

    Oh, they’re all so fine, those snow beings, but the dashing creature with the squashed cap and the ratty scarf looks to be the very finest of all. Are those bottle-cap eyes? What a gaze! Goes right through ya.

    • Melissa Says:

      Those eyes are strange but common seeds dropped by one of Riverside’s trees. They are all over the park. I will find out what they are. They are quite the fashion among snow beings this year, serving as eyes, buttons, noses and so on.

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