More NYC Snow Beings Linger After Winter Storm

Happy American Gothic

Yesterday afternoon:

NY Giants fan strolls toward Riverside Churchtower

Last night at 108th Street

Neighborhood Snow Day

And more snow beings…

Bosomy Snow Being

Spliff Being

Monsieur Gauloise and Chien

Esau Explores Igloo

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2 Comments on “More NYC Snow Beings Linger After Winter Storm”

  1. […] by four stunningly beautiful months of autumn. Texans call these months “winter,” but people from the Northeast know better.  A person doesn’t really need a winter coat in Dallas, just a jacket.  That’s not […]

  2. Charlotte Says:

    Love all these creatures from this post and last. Amazing the diversity of snow creatures in the city. did you see the site of reader’s photos of the snow? you should send some of yr photos in, esp. bosomy snow being. she’s lovely.

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