NYC Coyote News: Trapped in Tribeca

The wildlife news just keeps on coming.

A coyote was caught in Tribeca this morning, where she has apparently been eluding capture, since first being sighted in the area yesterday. Police shot her with a tranquilizer dart, placed her in a large animal carrier and took her away. Yes, her. The adventurous coyote is a girl.

Are the Tribeca coyote and the Central Park coyote one and the same?  Are there other coyotes in Manhattan? For the moment, these are open questions, pending further sightings. reports that the coyote may be quarantined for ten days to be sure it has not contracted rabies from our resident mad raccoons, after which it may be released into the Bronx. Coyotes are well established in the Bronx. Note “may be quarantined” and “may be released”; nothing is yet confirmed.

For video of the coyote in Tribeca, click here and here.  To read about the capture, visit the New York Times City Room.

We wish the coyote the best. May she be healthy and rabies-free, and may the Bronx coyotes accept her into their territory. The Central Park coyote has been living with us for almost two months. If the captured coyote is the Central Park coyote, what a run she’s had!

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3 Comments on “NYC Coyote News: Trapped in Tribeca”

  1. […] Sanctuary and made her base in that protected acre in the shadow of the Plaza Hotel before being captured down in Tribeca. In 2012, coyote tracks were found in Fort Tryon Park in Washington Heights in northern Manhattan, […]

  2. […] Coyotes now inhabit the Bronx mainland, and have been been reported in Queens. They are irregular visitors to Manhattan, sometimes taking up temporary residence in Central Park. The March 2010 coyote, the one I was lucky enough to watch on several occasions, lived in the city for a month, before being trapped in Tribeca. […]

  3. Charlotte Says:

    Lucky she wasn’t hit by a car….I was driving home last night and a coyote was lying btw four lanes of traffic, people swerving to avoid, a victim of a hit and run, as it tried to get to another hill of green across the freeway. gut wrenchingly sad.

    But glad for the nyc coyote, may she run free….

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