Cheers for NYC Essential Workers (video)

Walking the NYC Pandemic

Every night at 7 PM, our neighborhood explodes with sound. From inside our apartments, perched on fire escapes or up on our rooftops, New Yorkers explode in loud appreciation for all our essential workers and, incidentally, we let each other know that we’re still here, still neighbors, still in it together.

We cheer, whoop, holler, bang on pots and pans, we raise a joyful sound. The streets are empty and, aside from the occasional silhouette of a torso at a window, we are invisible to one another. The sound seems to rise from bricks and pavement and for these few minutes, it’s as if the streets and buildings themselves are cheering. Stay inside, people, they seem to say, but know you’re not alone.

Here is one particular night’s noise, looking north from a rooftop over 109th Street and beyond.

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4 Comments on “Cheers for NYC Essential Workers (video)”

  1. Ms D. Says:

    We are neighbors! I am on 93rd and West End. And it warms my heart to bang on a pot at the window every night.

  2. kurtmantooth Says:

    Felicitously written as always and invariably observant about the wonderments right beneath our noses that we often fail to see. This is a lovely post capturing an inspiring phenomenon in NYC. So great to have OUT WALKING THE DOG back. Nothing like it. Habit forming. Can’t wait for the next one.

  3. Gaby Says:

    My gosh this made me cry. I looove it!! Virtual Hugs and kisses to everyone doing their part and staying inside. I loved this my Melissa. Big hugs and big kisses to the both of you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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