Baby Raccoons on the Move (video)

Walking the NYC Pandemic

Long-time readers of this blog may remember my obsession with a raccoon den on the huge retaining wall in NYC’s Riverside Park. Well, ten years on, the joint’s still jumpin’ at the Raccoon Lodge.

All year, a raccoon or two will quietly emerge as the sun gets low to loll about on the ledge, grooming and stretching. Eventually they’ll move out along the wall to begin their night of foraging.

But it’s spring, people. And springtime is a whole other thing, because … BABIES! This year seems to have yielded a bumper crop with little guys pouring out of the den like clowns from a clown car. I counted seven the other night, bumbling up and down the wall and bumping into each other like furry Keystone Kops.


Hey, where’s Mom? Anyone seen Mom?
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5 Comments on “Baby Raccoons on the Move (video)”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    So good to see you back! Love the videos, seeing raccoons and NY tulips in spring, the world’s still there.

  2. […] Our friend Melissa Cooper writes on her “Out Walking the Dog” blog that she’s amazed by the numbers this year. […]

  3. Jane Says:

    Adorable, but where was mom?

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